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RHYTHM IS LIFE is a program I co-created and managed at the non-for-profit Heartdancers aimed at transforming the lives of older people, people with disabilities and people suffering from mental health illnesses through the power of movement, dance, music, and art. Through a consultation process with you, we tailor the program to the specific context and needs of your community, clients and/or organisation. 


This is a wonderful class in terms of building community, with all different cultures coming to this class, and we get to know each other...I have a lot of fun...I think it adds immense value to our community and to each person individually.


I am 65 years old and live alone so as well as the very important aspect of improving physical health and challenging my memory to follow the dance steps, it also provides valuable social contact for me;  I believe this session is very beneficial to myself and all those who attend.


I look forward to your sessions, all encompassing (stretch-outreach-dance-mingle), friendly, and inviting. I am enjoying this opportunity to chat with others and bond with our common and diverse interests.


My brain has changed, I'm more optimistic, and have had very happy moments here. It reminds me of my youth when I was dancing rock and roll. I feel very happy to have met you and to come here to dance. And honestly I'd recommend it to anyone. I think these workshops are a brilliant idea, so that people can come and express their energy.


This class is the highlight of my week!


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