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I'm currently not offering these services and am instead focusing on the
Dance for Women Affected by Cancer Project.
I'm planning to be able to offer these services in 2024.

Creative and embodied


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One-on-one or group

These sessions will help you connect more deeply with yourself, release stuck emotions, and gain a greater sense of balance and vitality in your life. Drawing on a combination of dance therapy, creative movement, yoga and art, each session is unique and tailored to your own unique needs.


One-on-one: I work with you to work out your needs and develop a session or set of sessions based on what you would most like to work on.

Group: Sessions can also be designed for a group of people who share similar wellbeing goals.

No previous dance experience is needed.

Customised Yoga Practice

& Guidance

Yoga Mat and Straps

One-on-one or group


Yoga can assist with a range of physical, emotional and mental health concerns. Yet, to be effective, it must suit the individual, not the other way around.

Aspects I consider when designing a practice include age, general level of fitness and health, specific injuries or conditions, strength, flexibility, body posture and alignment, energy levels, stress and emotional difficulties, and lifestyle. 

One-on-one: Through an initial consultation with you, we identify, assess and prioritise your needs. From this, I design and teach you a personal home practice tailored to your unique needs that you can enjoy in your own time and in the comfort of your preferred environment. I also offer personal follow-up support to address any concerns, questions, as well as deepen, review and update your practice based on where you are at.

In addition to teaching you the practice, you will also receive it in a video demonstration and a pdf document.

Group: I also offer private yoga classes customised to a group of individuals that share similar needs, injuries, or conditions.



One-on-one or group 

Often used in dance therapy, authentic movement is a form of free mindful movement meditation and exploration in a safe and caring environment without judgement.

Developed by dance therapist Mary Whitehouse, based one her work with Carl Jung, it involves a mover and a witness. With eyes closed, the mover is encouraged to pay attention to any  thoughts, mental imagery, feelings, and body sensations and impulses, and allow these to guide her/his body movements. The witness offers a supportive, non-judgmental presence - a safe container in which all of the movers' self-expression can be held. 

This process enables you to practice listening to your own body and deepen your bodily intuition and trust in your inner voice, enhance your creative expression, and feel more connected to your authentic self. When done in group sessions, it also offers a deep sense of community and connection.

One-on-one: You'll be the mover and I'll be the witness.

Group: Participants can both move and witness others moving.


After moving and witnessing, we may draw, write and share our experience.

Girl Relaxing
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