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Dance for Women Affected by Cancer

When: Fridays 5.30-7.30pm, from 28 April to 2 June

Where: Boab room at Nightcliff Community Centre

Cost: FREE


This is a pilot program offering dance for adult women with any type of cancer, at any stage in their experience of cancer, as well as women supporting someone with cancer, or bereaved by cancer.


The program consists of 1 dance class per week over the period of 6 weeks. These will happen between April and June 2023.


The purpose of these classes is to offer women affected by cancer an understanding and supportive environment where they can express themselves and experience a sense of joy in their bodies through creative and mindful movement.


No prior dance experience is necessary, and there are no requirements in terms of physical ability or energy levels to take part.


Evidence shows that physical activity helps people diagnosed with cancer respond better to treatment, recover more quickly following treatment, maintain their personal wellbeing, and can reduce their chances of cancer reoccurrence. Dance is a holistic form of physical activity. It integrates physical, mental, and social wellbeing benefits. Because it is a creative means of communication and expressive in nature, it helps participants to establish supportive relationships and process thoughts and feelings that are often difficult to articulate. Further, evidence also shows that dance can be an effective therapeutic intervention for conditions commonly experienced by people affected by cancer, such as anxiety and depression.


To take part and/or find out more, please send an email to


The location and dates are still to be determined. Limited spaces available (max. 20 women). Classes are FREE.

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