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Authentic Movement

One-on-one or group / Face-to-face or online

Often used in dance therapy, authentic movement is a form of free mindful movement meditation and exploration in a safe and caring environment without judgement. Developed by dance therapist Mary Whitehouse, based one her work with Carl Jung, it involves a mover and a witness. With eyes closed, the mover is encouraged to pay attention to any  thoughts, mental imagery, feelings, and body sensations and impulses, and allow these to guide her/his body movements. The witness offers a supportive, non-judgmental presence - a safe container in which all of the movers' self-expression can be held. This process enables you to practice listening to your own body and deepen your bodily intuition and trust in your inner voice, enhance your creative expression, and feel more connected to your authentic self. When done in group sessions, it also offers a deep sense of community and connection.

One-on-one: You'll be the mover and I'll be the witness.

Group: Participants can both move and witness others moving.


After moving and witnessing, we may draw, write and share our experience.


Online and face-to-face sessions available.

  • Free 30 min phone/zoom consultation to discuss your needs 



  • Single 1hr session: $80*

  • Package of four 1 hr sessions: $299* 

      (save $21)

  • Package of eight 1hr sessions: $499*

      (save $141)



Online and face-to-face sessions available. 

  • Free 30 mins phone/zoom consultation to discuss your group needs

  • Single 1hr group session: $110*

      (after 1st session)

  • Package of four 1 hr group sessions: $399* 

      (save $41)

  • Package of eight 1hr group sessions: $599*

      (save $281)


* These are base minimum rates for online or face-to-face sessions at a studio or locations within approx. 10 km from Gosford, Central Coast and Sydney CBD. I can travel to you. When coming to you, rates depend on the distance and time required to travel. Please get in touch for a quote.

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