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Hi and welcome!

I'm Janina. I'm here to help you re-connect with your body and emotions, and through this restore your innate vitality. I do this by guiding you through a process of embodied and creative self-exploration in a caring and non-judgemental space through dance therapy and yoga. I offer one-on-one and group sessions and work with people with varied movement abilities.

Who are my sessions for?


For those who:

  • Want help to cope with anxiety or emotional distress through movement

  • Would like to be less on their heads and reconnect more deeply with their bodies

  • Would like to feel more connected to their authentic self 

  • Would like to experience new ways of moving, expand their movement repertoire and enhance their creative expression 

  • Love the idea of dancing but don't know how to

  • Love yoga but can't find a class that suits their specific health circumstances, physical condition, or emotional challenges

  • Would like to have a yoga home practice tailored to their specific needs and lifestyle


"Janina is thorough and patient and always conscious of my limitations. She has a natural talent which makes doing exercise fun. Already I have noticed improvement with my balance and with my flexibility."  


—  Steve Leason

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